Nazlı Gürlek

I am interested in developing an aesthetic that reflects the here and now of authentic life experiences in order to speak of freedoms, agency, change and empowerment. My works explore the interconnection between the body and all living forms. Encompassing painting, drawing, performance and video, my overall practice is an attempt at reclaiming the body from the systems imprisoning it at the same time asking questions such as where do the boundaries between the self and the environment lie. I scrutinize material, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the body together with themes such as birth, death, creation, agency, alchemy, ecology and the unconscious. I convert physical movements, emotional states, sensations and mental monologues to visual configurations, like a choreographer arranging curves, lines and shapes at alternating rhythms. Through a self-reflexive, repetitive process rooted in the here and now of my own lived experience I collect data and measure it against natural phenomena such as gravity, liquidity, light, wind, heat and elements like water and earth. Chemical reactions are allowed to emerge by chance from the free interaction of materials within ordered frames. In such process, painting becomes both the process and its residue, and hovers between abstraction and representation. At the very core of each work is the constant seeking of a universal condition in which everything is interconnected.