Stickup in Taksim

Published in Criminal Stickup in Yellow: Ella Kruglyanskaya, collectorspace, 2014

On the occasion of the exhibition Criminal Stickup (Yellow) from the Eisenberg Collection, November 17, 2011–January 14, 2012

Place: Image or Experience. A Cross Generational Path in Contemporary Art From Turkey

Flash Art International, Oct 2012

Six x Six

The Exhibitionist #10

Ed. Jens Hoffman, Julian Myers-Szupinska, and Lumi Tan 

​​Six x Six particularizes an ever-expanding and diffuse horizon of contemporary art by grounding this proliferation in particular voices and attitudes. In this issue, curators Zoe Butt, Nazli Gurlek, Daniel Muzyczuk, Remco de Blaaij, Patrick D. Flores, and Nicolaus Schafhausen enumerate personally influential shows, and in the process tweak the canon of exhibitions now coming into view.

City Report: Istanbul

Frieze, 160, Jan-Feb 2014 


İnci Eviner: Theatre of the Unmentionable

Art Asia Pacific, Mar - Apr 2016