Nazlı Gürlek Hodder

Coming To You Is The Greatest Journey


Organic paint, earth and pastels on unprimed canvas, copper, artist's right hand on orthopaedic impression foam, tree branch, cloth

The piece consists of paintings and objects made with earth, organic paints and conductive copper working around the theme of vital energy. It explores the living impulse - the heart beat, brain waves, blood circulation, and breath- and seeks to be in dialogue with the multiple layers of history, debris and residue at the hundred-year old mansion of Plas Bodfa, re-animating it with new life. The greatest journey in the title refers to the moment of birth and new energy found in the conjunction of the old and the new.

​Installation views from "Bodfa Continuum", Plas Bodfa, Anglesey, Wales, UK, April 9-24, 2022