Nazlı Gürlek Hodder

Untitled (parallel Lines)

Linseed oil and oil paint on paper


Series of 5, 45 x 61 cm each 

6th International Çanakkale Biennial: Before the Past, After the Future, Çanakkale, Turkey, September 29 – November 11 2018

​With support from SAHA Association

​These paintings are created by chemical reactions that are allowed to emerge by chance from the free interaction of materials within ordered frames. They represent psychological landscapes simultaneously engaging the capabilities of the medium and its performative qualities while conjuring a world that tends towards abstraction. 

A work that emerged at a time of darkness and separation, it intends to celebrate the search for light and connection. 

"The conceptual framework of the 6th Çanakkale Biennial takes its inspiration from the units used in historicizing time: Before the Past / After the Future imagines establishing a poetic relationship with the historical time codes defined through before and after (BC/AD) certain milestones or through a more objective point of view as in its distance from the present day (BP-Before the Present). We are aware that our idea of the past and the future is a product of our selecting, combining the selected moments, rewriting and deriving meaning. When the stretch of time before the present is bracketed, it becomes “the past” and the time begins with that selected bracket.

What we observe in the past and the future, before and after it, changes depending on the perspective, the source and intensity of the information, learned ways of looking and internalized ethos. This versatility is an open field for unique tactics and strategies as well as an uncanny foundation for making sense of the world. And an eternal source for the form and content of present day art and its conceptual and poetic layers."

CABININ, curators of the 6th International Çanakkale Biennial: Before the Past, After the Future, 2018