Phenomenal Hole

Live performance, 40'

Performers: Tamer Aksu, Ekin Ançel, Ülkü Çağlayan, Derya Dinç, Kamilla Knysheva, Harun Kocabıçak, Gamze Öztürk, Deniz Yamanus
Sound design: Eda Urfalıoğlu

Video: Gülbin Eriş

September 2, 6 pm & September 13, 3 pm
“Happening Now” 
Curator: Özge İnal
Artnivo @ Akaretler Art Weeks
September 3 - 22, 2019

“Phenomenal Hole” is a ritualistic performance consisting of a series of consecutive processes such as facing the wounds, surrendering to death, returning to the womb and rebirth. It is inspired by Anatolian offering and sacrifice pits, shamanic healing practices, Mediterranean Saint Agatha’s protective powers and eternal life cycles.
A community of eight individuals of various ages and genders takes a journey into their wounds. A stage right at the heart of the city gets destroyed and the community sets out on a movement into the underworld, the depths of the earth extending beneath the surface. Can this phenomenal hole become a space for the rebirth they have long yearned for?

Nazlı Gürlek