Nazlı Gürlek Hodder

Friction I & II & III & IV 


Oil paint and graphite on paper

61 x 45 cm each

Friction attempts to find the physical form of the abstract concept of friction. It traces the process of embodiment of this concept by way of giving an impression of the feelings that arise. The body, in such process, becomes a topography to explore and inhabit, and the painting the document of such process. 

Installation views from: 

"GAIA HAS 1000 NAMES: AN ECO-FEMINIST EXHIBITION"Elgiz Museum, Istanbul, September 13 - October 12, 2019

"Nazlı Gürlek Hodder: In The Body", Evliyagil Dolapdere, Istanbul, November 07, 2020 - January 31, 2021